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From: Laura Ellis
Subject: Halloween at Work Part I (TG Fiction)This is a true story...sort of. It is also a completely original work by
me, and should be remembered as such. Thank you. If you have any thoughts
or suggestions please email me at Thanks
and enjoy. beautiful russian pussy Laura
Almost a year ago, just after Halloween I russian nudez ro was in search of a job. It
just so happened that a former manager, and personal friend of mine was
looking for another person to work for her at the store she managed now.
The only drawback was that it was a woman's clothing store. Now, I
shouldn't say it was a drawback...being a closet cross dresser for the
majority of my life, I thought it might be kind of nice to be around so
many beautiful clothes. So I figured what the heck, I have worked
everywhere else just about, why not at a woman's store. I started there on the first of November, and everything was great.
Everyone was nice, I could always stay in the backroom, not have to deal
with customers, and if I ever did get my courage russian cum girl up I even had a discount
to work with. pre tgp photos russian Having started on the 1st of November, I missed out on
Halloween. Everyone that worked that day talked about how fun it was.
Everyone had on costumes, because the mall had trick-or-treating for russian schoolgirl fucked
kids on Halloween. Someone came as a fairy princess, someone came as
a nun, and the russian boy love porn other costumes ran the gamut of the usual female
Halloween costumes. To make a long story short, the year went by as usual and it was a
great place to work. Around the beginning of October, there was a store
meeting to discuss the upcoming Christmas season. While we were
waiting, the subject of Halloween costumes came up, because it was only
a few weeks away. After some tossing around of ideas, the entire female
staff (which would be everyone but me) came up with the idea of
dressing up as men. They all loved the idea, and decided that was what
they would do. Then they started to ask me what I would wear. One of
the girls, Claire said "If we are all going to be men that day, why doesn't
Jeff dress as russian forced sex movies a girl?" I looked a little nervous I'm sure, though the others
thought russian school nudes free
it would be fun. My manager said, "Come on Jeff, you can
come in here dressed in jeans, a T-shirt, and tennis shoes everyday, now
you can see how much of a pain it is to have to dress up for work
everyday. Besides, if you say yes, I will even buy you the clothes to
wear that day, and you can keep them just russian nud boys in case you enjoy it." She said
with a wink and a grin. I figured why not, they will all be cool with it,
take the chance. After my shift for russian cum girl
the day, one of the other girls, Betsy, took me
shopping in the store. We decided that we should get a couple of
different outfits to try and see what I would be comfortable pulling off.
At 5'10 and 140 pounds I was able to find sizes that would fit without too
much trouble. Betsy and I finished making our selections. Everything
from Clothes, to jewelry, to top russian pornsites hair accessories, to a handbag for the day
and a coat(it was a very cool fall that year). As my manager was ringing
up the items, she asked, "Why didn't you get any panties, they are on
sale. Beside I am paying, I insist you go all the way." So with that we
went over and picked out undergarments russian blowjob as well. Panties and a bra, and
a little pajama set that was free with the purchase of $100 or more, and
we easily surpassed that. By the time we were done, the total was $195.
My manager said, "You better put all your effort into pulling this of it's
costing me that much." The morning of Halloween I went to Betsy's around 10. We both had
to work at 2 so we figured we would have plenty bid russian ass of time. I had taken a
shower and washed my hair, but Betsy wasn't russian nudez ro satisfied. I asked her what
she meant when she was talking about personal hygiene. She pulled out
the female dress code for the store. She said "I quote for you the dress
code. All employees must keep legs arms and armpit areas free of hair.
That's a rule so get shaving Missy." Why not, I have come this far. beauty horny russian girls
30 minutes later I was now hairless and waiting for the next lesson. I
dressed in a conservative suit first, which I secretly loved, but realized
would not be practical for the work I do. I finally ended up wearing a
stretchy knit top, with a velvet flower design overlayed on it, and a pair
of tight fitting, knit pants. Under which went my bra and panty set in
black I might add. A padded panty girdle, for shape and to hide that
certain other "shape". A pair of opaque, control top tights. And a pair of
those big clunky shoes that girls wear all the time these day. All of the
clothes were black, and with the addition of the pads in the bra, they fit
and looked good on me. I was shocked. After Betsy went to work on
my hair putting it in a pony tail, she started on my makeup. Just a small
amount which I thought was odd. After all of that was done, she grabbed
her purse and coat, and started to head out the door. "We have 2 and a
half hours before work." I said. "I know" she replied, "but you aren't
ready yet. Come on." I threw on my nude adolescent russian nudist new wool fur trimmed coat,
grabbed my purse and headed out after her. I was glad I wasn't in slim
heels instead of these shoes. I was never good at those. We got in her
truck, and she drove to the beauty salon at the other end of the mall we
work at. She said "Come on, you russian cum girl have an appointment in 5 minutes."
Now I understood the surprise. We went in and I signed in. As I was
writing my name, I noticed that it was registered as Laura. amateur russian blowjob
I asked Betsy
about this. "We still have a name tag made up from the last girl that quit,
and that was her name, so now it's yours." Made sense I guess. After about an hour of rollers make up brushes and the like I was
sitting under a dryer. A girl came over to start russian jeans girls pics on my nails. I
protested, but Betsy warned me. "The dress code clearly states that all
female employees will have well groomed and manicured russian hand job nails at all
times." I groaned but knew she was right. If I was going to do this I had
to follow the dress code. By the time she was free russian underground porn done, and the jewelry had
been added(both my ears were already pierced as is the style, so no
problem there) there was a very beautiful young lady looking back at me.
I reached up with my French manicured nails and touched my wavy very
feminine hair and face. I was shocked. "OK gorgeous, we gotta get to
work. Let's go" Betsy said in a hurry almost dragging me out. We
decided to walk through the mall and gauge the reaction of people to
Laura. Other than the males checking her out no one looked twice. When we got to the store, I walked in and all of the workers mouths
dropped. "Wow, you are a really beautiful woman, you should dress like
this everyday." If only that were possible I thought, but didn't say
anything except thank you. russian ladies topless After about 10 minutes the commotion died down and we all went
about our daily business. At 6, Carla came in the back and said she had
an nude russian gymnasts
emergency and russian flag 1805
had to go home, so my manager asked if I could work
the floor. So I did. Within about 5 minutes I had 3 people ask me why I
wasn't dressed like a man like the rest of the girls. Once I answered them
they realized. They all thought it was great and that I looked really
good. I was very happy. I had gotten so comfortable by the end of russian blow job the
night that I accepted the offer to hang out with the girls. Something I
had never done. They always offered I just felt like I would be out of
place. But I felt right at home this night. I even got hit on by a few
men at the bar. I didn't know what to make of that but figured I should
take it as a compliment, so I did. Finally my fun filled day was at an
end, and I went home. I took a long bubble bath, leaving the hair and
makeup until last. After I finished cleaning up. I put my hair in my
usual pony tail for bed, except this time I wore it high on the back of my
head, instead of at my neck like usual. And needless to say I slept naked russian men photos in the
lingerie and PJ set I had gotten that night. The next day at work everyone was buzzing about my costume and
telling all those who missed it to check out the picture of all of us on the
bulletin board in the back room to see for themselves. They all loved it
too. Everything was back to normal. Then, all of a sudden my manager
burst into the back. She said that Carla was not going to be back for 3
days and they would be short handed. She said "Jeff, will you do me a be continued.
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